It’s my Dads birthday and I dont know what to get omg!

Omg its my dads birthday next week and I havent gotten him anything yet! OH NO! For my dad its really hard to buy for him because he likes sooooooooo many things AND my Dad and I kinda have different tastes. Last time I got my dad girly pink socks as a gag and he didnt like them too much :) Well THIS year I want to make up for it so im thinking really hard. I’m sure I could go and get him gun accessories (BUT HE HAS SO MANY ALREADY) but I wanna get him something unique and different? As always… GOOGLE! HA! Been loving online shopping recently and I stumbled on this website. Im thinking of getting my dad a fishbowl LOL.

Back to the Roots Aqua Farm


its so cuuuuuuuuuute! I hope my dad likes it cause he kinda likes fish <3


Today was a GREAT day!  This morning my parents told me we were having dinner at Grandma’s tonight and that they’d be picking me up after school.  Grandma is awesome, so I was totally excited to see her, but when it was just Dad who arrived at school to get me, I knew something must be up.  He said the dinner thing was just a ploy, and actually, he was taking me to Gregson’s to pick out a new rifle scope!  My family doesn’t have a lot of extra money, so I’ve been fine using my Grandpa’s old rifle and scope, because beggar’s can’t be choosers, right?  I’d rather have a hand-me-down rifle than none at all, but getting my own scope?  I was so excited, freaking out, really!  I was a bit dorky about it, so giddy that I danced right into the store.

Mr. Gregson seemed to find it amusing, but I’m just glad his son, Jake, wasn’t there.  Jake is super cute and loves guns just as much as me, and the truth is I kind of have a crush on him, so I wouldn’t want him to see me acting like a big kid.  Mr. Gregson was really nice, asking me if I wanted it for hunting or target shooting, asking about our budget and trying to find the best scope for the best value.  I’ve read up on scopes online and probably know more than some people, but it was really good that Mr. Gregson knows so much about them.  We ended up getting a scope from, and I feel like a kid at Christmas!


I can’t wait to try it out!  I might send Mark an email and ask if he’s planning on going back to Rocky Mountain House again anytime soon…


My birthday was amazing. Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim threw me a dinner party at their house with homemade pizza and the most amazing pumpkin cheesecake. My cousin, Lily, was home from university, so I got to see her, too. Oh, and I got my rifle. Yup, my parents are totally awesome and got me the Remington 700 I asked for, although my mom also got me cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. She said I should wear the whole ensemble together the next time I go shooting and I’ll look like a real, authentic cowgirl. I think the guys at the range would laugh at me for it, but I kind of like the idea. I didn’t end up going back to Rocky Mountain House for my birthday, but it’s only because Mark is on a business trip out of the country.


He said when he’s back he’ll take me, and he even asked if he could try my new rifle! It must be a good one for him to want to use it. There’s even more exciting news, too. I went back into Gregson’s to talk to Mr. Gregson about mounting my scope onto my new rifle, and Jake was there! He was really interested in my new gun and asked me tons of questions, and I told him about the shooting range, and he told me all about where he likes to shoot and the gun he uses, but I was kind of hyperventilating at that point and not listening very well. I was just trying to act normally and still be flirty, but I think I was just awkward. The best part, though, was when I was about to leave. His dad had gone into the backroom, and Jake asked me if I wanted to go shooting with him sometime. Sigh. I think I’m in love.


My birthday is in a few weeks, and I know what I want.  My mom keeps talking about going shopping for clothes and asking me about books and DVDs, but all I really want is a new Remington 700 rifle.  Not just any rifle, though, I found this amazing Remington 700 online; it’s made by Remington, which is a really good company, and it looks really old-fashioned!

I think it’s pretty amazing, but it’s also expensive.  I asked my dad if he could talk to Grandma and Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim and see if they wanted to pool their money and go in on the rifle together.  I kind of think Grandma and Aunt Carol won’t really like the idea of buying me a firearm for my birthday, but it’s all I really want.

I also talked to Mark the last time he was here and hinted that I would love, love, love to go back to Rocky Mountain House to shoot again, maybe for my birthday.  Okay, I didn’t really hint, I kind of just asked outright, and told him I really, REALLY wanted to go back.  Hey, it’s my 18th birthday, I think it would be a really cool way to celebrate becoming an adult!

Rocky Mountain House shooting club today!!!!

I got to go to the Rocky Mountain House shooting club today!  My dad’s friend, Mark, took us.  Mark and my dad have been friends since they were kids, but even though they both love shooting, my dad is pretty much only interested in the hunting side of it, while Mark has spent a lot of time at ranges and likes target shooting and rifles and the same stuff I like.  In fact, when Mark was in his twenties, he actually trained to compete in the Men’s Target Shooting in the Olympics, but he didn’t qualify, so now he just mainly does it for fun.  But last week, Mark was over for dinner, and he mentioned how he went to the range with a friend a few weeks earlier, so I piped up and said I’d always wanted to go there, and then he offered to take me!

Since Rocky Mountain House is pretty far away (four hours!), my mom and dad wanted to come, too, and make it a whole family thing.  It was a really cool drive- through the mountains on the Icefields Parkway, and we even stopped at the Columbia Icefield for lunch and to look around.  My parents took me there when I was a kid, but I didn’t really remember it, so it was really nice to go again and see the huge glacier and mountains all around it.  They do these rides on the glacier in big buses called Ice Explorers, and they also have guided walks up the glacier, but we didn’t have time to do any of that today.

The range was really nice, surrounded by nature and the wilderness.  It felt really peaceful there.  It was great to shoot with Mark and hear his tips and tricks.  I definitely want to go with him again.